"6 Reasons Why France Has The Sexiest Food": Nutritional Class Final is a MPGIS App-exclusive blog post by Jonathan Getslinhaumer.


The French Baguette looks nearly identical to the American cock. The folds, the girth, the sturdiness. Also great with mayo.


French bread utilizes less yeast per year than the average Overland Park High School vaginal cavity. That average is significantly weighted thanks to Brittnay Matthews.


Macarons are not only a sweet treat for everyone to eat, but they can also double as a rather delicious butt plug alternative.


French onion soup was (and in some cases still is) used as an inexpensive homemade lubricant.


Crepes make surprisingly satisfying nipple covers whenever I wear jackets with no shirt under them. They prevent chafing and are the ultimate after school snack.


France offers the world's largest variety of fondue. Last I checked, they also do not require consent before you stick in in.

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