Listed below are the active administrators and bureaucrats on this wiki. Some inactive administrators or bureaucrats are not listed on this table. For a complete list of users with administrator access, see Special:Listusers/sysop.

Avatar5.jpg Bureaucrat

Bureaucrat since 21st July 2017
On the site since N/A


The Most Popular Girl in School Wiki has a team of administrators (also known as sysops) that help manage various aspects of the wiki. Administrators are long-term trusted members of the community, but they are not "in charge" of it. Although administrators have access to some tools and privileges that non-administrators do not, they are still bound to follow the wiki rules and community decisions, and are otherwise equal to all other users.


Bureaucrats are the same as regular administrators, except they have the ability to add and remove user rights for other users. Bureaucrats can only have their bureaucrat flag removed by themselves or Wikia Staff, and can remove the user flags of any other user (aside from bureaucrats or Wikia Staff). Bureaucrats technically do not need to have sysop flags, though in practice they almost always have sysop flags anyways. Aside from this ability, bureaucrats are equal to other administrators. This also means that, aside from those things reserved for administrators and/or bureaucrats, bureaucrats are equal to all other users on the wiki.

Previous Administrators

User Promotion date Demotion date Reason for demotion
Cakedude222 (talk) 23rd November 2014 30th November 2014 Resignation
C.Syde65 (talk) 21st July 2015 7th October 2015 Resignation
DangerousDangerously (talk) 8th March 2013 11th May 2013 Resignation
Mikkel Aagaard (talk) 6th November 2012 21st July 2015 Inactivity
Shadow Byrd (talk) 11th March 2013 4th November 2014 Inactivity
Sims2Player (talk) 21st July 2015 11th October 2015 Resignation
Skittlehappymatt (talk) 4th November 2014 20th February 2015 Inactivity

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