A MPGIS App-exclusive blog post detailing a therapist's notes of Ashley Katchadorian.

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DATE: May 5 2017

"Everyone thinks they have super powers until a therapist takes them away" -- Unknown

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  1. )
  2. ) Leave for lunch
  3. ) Retain 1 client
  4. ) New fidget spinner

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Ashley Katchadourian
new client -- free ------------> reminder to ask when we're ending the free visit promotion

- 3 mins late
- Short stature, slouched position
- Brown hair with blue streaks -------------> WHY???
- Sat on a single chair instead of a couch --------------> isolation
- Started with Pearl Harbor... great, another WWII fanatic...
- Family vacation
- Cheerleaders???
- Was supposed to be watching the door but not really because snacks -- ????
- Her job was the snack assistant -------------> is this career sustainable?
- Trisha didn't get her vacation request
- Vacation requests are really important ---------> hyper focused on rules
- Deandra's arms ripped off ------------> possible psychosis
- Trisha "goes off" on Ashley
- Everything is her fault
- Now a girl doesn't have arms because Ashley didn't watch the door - I thought her job was snacks? Asked if her role changed, she wasn't sure but continued to say it was her fault ----> ----> ----> -----> -----> Crying a LOT
- Brittnay made out with Jutin at prom
- Trisha said it's b/c Ashley didn't watch door --------> This group of girls sound fucking insane. Look up contact info and inquire if they are already seeing another therapist? Big $$$$ opp here
- Ashley joined a rival cheer squad
- Says she wishes Trisha was dead -------> homicidal
- "not really dead but she's a bitch" ---> less paperwork for me
- Ashley feels lost and confused, pent up anger

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- Suggested that we meet once per week and figure out a way to get Ashley into at least one functioning social relationship

Update - May 10, 2017
✰ Regarding snacks -- I wonder if she'd be a good fit for the flight attendant internship my secretary told me about. Might suggest on next week's visit.