Deandra's French Poops Bucket List is a MPGIS App-exclusive blog post by Deandra.

Underneath The Eiffel TowerEdit

I want to see if I can see my poop when I get to the top.

Notre-Dame CathedralEdit

I'm gunna perch like a gargoyle and poop off the edge.

Palace Of VersaillesEdit

I'm pretty sure the gates are golden, and I want to poop on a golden gate because then I'll have crafted a poop worth thousands.

The First Level Of The Eiffel TowerEdit

I'll probably check out the real bathroom as well.

Arc De TriompheEdit

I think if I poop directly in the center it might become a portal that unleashes all the past French rulers. I read that somewhere once.

In a Baguette-Making PlaceEdit

France has special places where they only make baguettes so I really want to poop there because it will smell like bread and that would be nice.

Trevi FountainEdit

I'm gunna poop right in the fountain. Late at night. That's in France, right?

The LouvreEdit

I pooped here twice already. I'm going for a hat trick.

The Top Of The Eiffel TowerEdit

It's gonna be the biggest poop I've ever taken and it's gunna fall all the way from the top.

In An AlleyEdit

Paris has a lot of weird allies and I just think this will have to happen at some point.