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Episode 10 is the tenth episode of season 1. Episode 10 first aired on September 12, 2012.


The girls at Overland Park await the Prom Queen nomination announcements. Trisha is asked to prom by Matthew while Steven Carmichael asks Mackenzie out by placing a heart shaped card on her locker. Brittnay asks Connor Devarnan out as a last ditch effort to have someone to go with.  Meanwhile, Mackenize awaits the finalists for Prom Queen because she replaced Shay's name on the ballot with "Gay Van Buren" in retaliation for Shay's laxative prank. Also, Trisha nominates Brittnay for Prom Queen, much to Mackenzie's dismay. Mackenzie, Brittnay, Amberlynn Weggers, Shay, and Deandra are the final nominees for Prom Queen. Shay weeps because her life has been ruined and she will forever be known as Gay Van Buren, while Deandra squeals in excitement after her name is announced.



  • Although this is so far the only episode where one of Amberlynn's friends appears, the other appears without a sweater in later episodes.