The thumbnail for episode 17, showing Blake, Deandra, Mikayla, and Cameron.

The episode 17 upload problem occurred on March 26th, when the creators tried uploading the next episode of The Most Popular Girls in School. Fans were waiting for the next episode following the episode where the boys in the locker room try giving Blaine parental advice, but due to YouTube's uploader problem, fans were left without an episode for days, sparking an outrage in the fandom. 

Episode 17Edit

The episode was about the Van Buren's inviting Deandra over for dinner after making amends for ripping her arms off. But dinner was postponed after Jayna Van Buren ran out of zinfandel and ordered her girls to go buy her some more, even though none of them are 21 or over. The episode introduces us to Blake Jensen, Cameron Van Buren's ex from high school, whom was prom king to her prom queen. 


According to Brittnay Matthews' Facebook page, they began uploading the video as scheduled, but the upload was unreasonably slow, even stating the file was still loading even after being left alone for hours. The creators even had to contact YouTube directly to see what the problem was, and even with their help the episode was still not uploaded in time. 

Reactions in the fandomEdit

Fans of the series were upset that there was no new episode, as something like this had never happened in the show's run. People took to Brittnay's Facebook page, writing obscenities and getting angry at the creators, not understand that it wasn't their fault. Some of the fans however jokingly accused Ashley Katchadorian for stealing the episode, and even blamed Rachel Tice for making the upload slower.

Carlo Moss's apologyEdit

On March 27th, Carlo Moss, the voice behind Deandra as well as one of the co-creators, took to his personal Tumblr account and posted a long written apology, voicing his frustration with the entire issue. He showed a screencap of the episode still in processing after 23 hours, and wrote, "A lot of you have come to expect a new MPGiS episode every Tuesday, and today one didn’t show up. Please know that it wasn’t for lack of trying. Please know that me, Lily, and Mark are as upset as you are. We’re doing everything we can to figure out what’s wrong and get this episode to you. We busted our asses to make sure this video was done on time, and then to have this happen just really fucking sucks. There’s no excuse for this. We fucked up. We’re pissed. You guys deserve better."


Two days after on March 29th, the episode finally was uploaded without problems, and the reaction from the show's fans was positive.

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