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Episode 33 is the third episode of season 3.


Mikayla Van Buren enters the Little Miss Overland Park under a pseudonym, Mikayla Dickie. While Cameron, the alumni judge goes to check out the men, Jayna looks for the open bar. Shay helps Mikayla with her makeup.

The Zale's family arrives at the competition and Mrs. Zales is on a business call with Hong Kong and uses vulgar language in front of Katelynn, who will be participating in the Little Miss Overland Park Tots.

At the judges table, Patricia Wetherly, Head of the Little Miss Overland Park Competition, and Alex Abrams, store owner at the Overland Park Mall, join Cameron. Cameron hits on Alex.

Mikayla talks with Brooklyn Katchadorian. Brooklyn explains that her mom is with Ashley because she's been very depressed lately.

Jayna goes through withdrawals, while Mrs. Zales yells at her staff in Hong Kong.

After Brooklyn does her baton twirling routine, Mikayla praises her performance. They meet a new girl, Gwen Kindle who just moved to Overland Park from Brooklyn. She is a hipster. Mikayla then does her performance reciting a monologue from Beasts of the Southern Wild. Gwen makes a vegan dish and wins.



  • This is Mrs. Zales and Katelynn Zales's first appearance in the entire series. 
  • Mikayla had to register with a pseudonym because of Shay's reputation with the competition.