The Most Popular Boys In School is the fourth episode of season 1. "The Most Popular Boys In School" first aired on May 1st, 2012.


The football team are celebrating a recent football practice when Jonathan Getslinhaumer shows up. He insists the other boys call him "Than". They all complain about his appearance, with him making various lewd remarks, even offering to suck their dicks. After Than tries to insult Tanner by calling him gay, Tanner says he is, leaving Than confused. The team then goes off to shower, leaving Than to ask why Matthew Derringer has no testicles or penis. He explains it's a birth defect before they go off to shower. Than then sobs by the bathroom stalls.



  • This entire episode is very similar to episode 1, except with a male perspective. Than is comparable to Deandra, as they are both outsiders.