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(in the cafeteria)
Mackenzie: I mean, it's not like she looked good as a redhead, it's just that her as a blonde is a fucking trainwreck.
Brittnay: I know, it's like why don't you just go throw yourself down a well and break every bone in your body, am I right?
Mackenzie: Hey, let me ask you something. Do you have any other clothes, because I've never actually—
Brittnay: What the fuck?
Mackenzie: Hey, sorry, I know, I didn't mean—
Brittnay: No, look!
Mackenzie: What the fuck!
Jenna Darabond: Oh, hey girls!
Mackenzie: What the fuck are you wearing?
Jenna Darabond: Oh, new outfits, you like?
Brittnay: Hey, cunts. Newsflash. You're not on the fucking cheer squad.
Jenna Darabond: Oh Brittnay, we're not wearing these because we're on the cheer squad—
Jenna Dapananian: We're wearing them because they're vintage.
Mackenzie: Vintage?
Jenna Darabond: Yeah, we were hanging out at the thrift store on Tuesday, you know—
Jenna Dapananian: New shipment day.
Jenna Darabond: And what would come in, but these adorable vintage uniforms!
Jenna Dapananian: Don't you love 'em, they're so retro!
Mackenzie: Uh they're not retro, we were wearing them last week.
Brittnay: Yeah, and you two were on the cheer squad so good job buying back the uniforms you already owned!
Jenna Dapananian: Uh no Brittnay, we sent our old uniforms to the Salvation Army! These outfits come from TurnStyles Thrift Store, so it's like, totally different.
Jenna Darabond: Yeah, but from what I heard, this is a pretty hot item, so I wouldn't be surprised if somebody already—
Judith: Hey!
Rachel: What's up Jennas?
Judith: Cool threads. What the fuck do these dildos want?
Brittnay: Don't you even—
Mackenzie: Alright! First of all, if you ever call me a dildo again, I will give Brittnay free reign to do whatever she wants with you.
Brittnay: Just know that that involves a baseball bat, and the loss of one or both of your kidneys.
Mackenzie: Secondly, you two should know that you look like Make-a-Wish kids at the halftime of a Super Bowl.
Jenna Darabond: Yeah, Rachel, you know, you really should wear only one layer of irony at a time.
Rachel: No, no, no, I know, I just, I didn't want show too much skin, you know. I'm a very modest girl.
Brittnay: Really? You literally gave a blow job to every boy in school.
Rachel: Yeah, but I was fully clothed! So who's laughing now, Matthews?
Judith: C'mon Rach, this scene's dead. Let's go see if there's any cool stairs we can go sit on.
Rachel: Out.
Mackenzie: Okay Jenna, you've had your fun, but why don't you follow your nerd squad out of here. The center lunch table is cheer squad territory. Thank you!
Brittnay: Yeah, not territory for dumb fucking beanie wearing, glasses-having, eight-dollar-juice-swigging, coffee-shop-loitering motherfucking garbage trash people who have no—Get the fuck out of here!
Jenna Darabond: Oh girls, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but not everybody subscribes to your antiquated ideas of this group owns that table and that group owns this bathroom. I mean, where does it end? Somebody claiming ownership of the staircase next to the science lab?
Mackenzie: That staircase is controlled by the teachers' aides. You want to piss them off, good luck trying to pass a chemistry test.
Jenna Darabond: Whatever, we were here first, so if you'd like us to move, you can—
Blaine: Hey you guys I was thinking, for our next game, I think it'd be really cool if you—wait a minute! But I thought that you were—
Brittnay: Blaine!
Blaine: And you guys were—
Brittnay: Blaine!
Blaine: And those guys were—
Brittnay: Blaine!
Blaine: I'm confused. Why do you guys have two different uniforms.
Jenna Darabond: Oh we're not wearing uniforms Blaine, this is vintage clothing.
Blaine: Oh! Sure looks like cheer uniforms.
Mackenzie: Yes, Blaine those are the old cheer uniforms.
Blaine: Oh! So why is the cheer squad wearing old uniforms.
Brittnay: Because they're not on the cheer squad, Blaine.
Blaine: Um, I'm pretty sure they're cheerleaders.
Mackenzie: No, Blaine, they used to be on the cheer squad. Now they're not anymore.
Blaine: Oh! Like their uniforms!
Mackenzie: Yes, like their uniforms. You understand now?
Blaine: Nope!
Brittnay: Here, I think I got this. Blaine, Autobots, Decepticons.
Blaine: Oooohhhhh! Why didn't you say so? God, girls are fucking stupid.
Jenna Darabond: You see, Mackenzie, nobody else minds that we're sitting here. In fact, most everybody thinks we belong here.
Mackenzie: Oh, congratulations, Jenna, you confused an idiot. It's not like anybody else at this school is dumb enough to think that you're actually—
Trisha Cappelletti: Hey guys, so I was thinking for the pyramid on Friday, we should—wait a minute!
Mackenzie: Goddammit.
Trisha: Wait, aren't you guys—
Brittnay: Yes, Trisha, we literally just went through all of this. Just come stand next to us.
Trisha: Oh okay, yeah.
Mackenzie: Alright, Jenna, you have until the count of five to leave this table before we forcibly eject you from it. Got it?
Brittnay: One.
Mackenzie: Two.
Brittnay: Three.
Mackenzie: Four.
Deandra: Going through the cafeteria, gonna eat some food—Oh my god! Haha! That is hilarious! Well played! Hahahahaha...
Brittnay: What the fuck is so funny?
Deandra: What? I'm a fan of ironically humorous clothing. You know, a California Raisins T-shirt, Wayne's World 2 hat, a ridiculously outdated cheer uniform.
Jenna Darabond: See, she gets it.
Mackenzie: Deandra, those aren't outdated, we wore them last week.
Deandra: Well just think, if you had terrible taste for another week, you could've been hip!
Brittnay: Deandra, you wore this exact outfit at Cheer Nationals.
Deandra: Yeah, only because I was forced to! Believe me, I got rid of that thing just as soon as I could!
(Deandra walks past Saison's burning uniform)
Deandra: Oh good, you guys already started burning them? Great. (drops uniform into fire)
Deandra: Jeez, if I knew that uniform was gonna end up being worth something, I woulda hung onto it. Coulda made a few shekels.
Mackenzie: Deandra, since when did you join the goddamn hipsters?
Denadra: Oh no, believe, me Zales, I am not taking sides on this one. You are a super crazy bitch and you, well you and you, you look like you're going on quite the journey there. Good luck finding yourselves, I assume that's what you're doing. Yes? Okay, anyways, back to the lunchtime song that I sing when I'm going through the cafeteria, boodoodoodoodoo...
Trisha: Bye Deandra! You know, we never see her enough, you know?
Mackenzie: Alright, now where were we? Oh right, 3, 2—
Cher Guy: Ah ha ha! Great ironic T-shirt! Well, I mean, not really a T-shirt, I mean the whole outfit! Man, can you believe people used to dress like that?!
Brittnay: Okay, that's it! (rushes over and beats up Cher Guy)
Mackenzie: I really hope you enjoyed yourself today, Jenna.
Jenna Darabond: I did, thanks. Jenna, did you enjoy yourself as well?
Jenna Dapananian: Oh, I did. I did. I really had a great time.
Jenna Darabond: Okay, great, well, looks like we're all good here! Thanks Mackenzie!
Mackenzie: Alright, Jenna, that's it, I'm done. You have crossed my last line. Congratulations! Because from here on out, I will not sleep until your life is completely fucked. I am the queen of revenge, Jenna. I've disbanded cheer squads, ruined people's social lives, and I fucking ripped a girl's arms off! But all of that is going to pale in comparison to what I am going to do to you. Mark my words: I will destroy every part of your life. I will not stop until you are sitting alone in a dark hole thinking over and over again, "Why did I ever fuck with Mackenzie Zales?"
Trisha: Yeah! I, uh, I forgot my nuggets. Oh, also the dipping sauces.
Belinda: Hey girls, you know I knew that if I kept this hanging in my closet long enough it would come back in style! Do you like it?
Jenna Darabond: Alright, Jenna, let's go. This joke has clearly run its course.
Jenna Dapananian: Ugh. I think I'm gonna be sick. Ugh, yeah, mmhmm, that's vomit in my mouth.
Belinda: Oh, listen bitches, don't get angry because it looks better on me, okay? (has a coughing fit) Oh fuck it, you get it.