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Episode 59 is the first episode of season 4.


After the victory of State Championship game, Overland Park Cheer Squad set to enjoy the last two weeks of the school only to find their lockers smashed up. Each of them are branded with insults; except for Trisha. Mackenzie calls in everyone in the class for confrontation. Everyone shared distaste for Mackenzie, especially Jenna Dapananian, Ashley Katchadorian, Rachel Tice, Deandra and Judith Dinsmore. Rachel lashed at Mackenzie for sending Jenna Darabond to prison in result of being stabbed and for letting the Brittnay's "evil" loose they've worked hard to control since the third grade, much to Mackenzie's guilt.

Trisha finds Brittnay Matthews on a rioting rampage, vandalizing the girls bathroom. Brittnay says she would never hurt Trisha because she was her friend. Brittnay said that Mackenzie is dead to her after the incident of Season 3 Finale. Brittnay disappears for a few seconds before Mackenzie and shay enter the bathroom. Trisha confusingly tried to explain what was going on, Shay and Mackenzie tell her that she wasn't there in the third grade.