This is a transcribed copy of Episode 74. Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Mackenzie: Yeah, we want models, not fleshlights with teeth.
Jeannie: So, this is the new Team USA.
Jeannie: You, what is your modelling specialty?
Blaine: Um... um... Blaine.
Jeannie: What?
Blaine: I am Blaine.
Mackenzie: Maybe we should start with somebody else.
Than: Jesus, who brought this fucking idiot, right?
Blaine: I am Blaine.
Than: Yeah, I know who you are Blaine.
Blaine: Sorry, I just get really nervous around powerful women.
Brittnay: Cameron, amateur porn doesn't count.
Cameron: Ha ha Brittnay. (Beat) It totally counts.
Jeannie: Music! (starts walking)
Mackenzie: (watching her) Wow, she's amazing!
Mackenzie: Trisha, don't forget to turn!
Mackenzie: Trisha! What are you doing?!
Brittnay, Mackenzie, Deandra, and Matthew: Trisha, stop!
Cameron: HA! Holy shit Brittnay, who taught you to walk? The son from Breaking Bad?
Deandra: Jesus Christ Cameron, that guy actually has cerebral palsy.
Cameron: Yeah, and it makes him walk funny. That's the fucking joke.
Brittnay: Was I really that bad?
Mackenzie: Yeah, it was pretty terrible.
Brittnay: The fuck was the difference?!
Jeannie: Excuse, me. It's Cameron right?
Cameron: Yeah, Cameron Van Buren.
Jeannie: Well, listen Cameron. I'm sure whatever issue you have with Mackenzie Zales is real fucking important, but the winners of this competition are all going to receive professional modeling contracts. That means photoshoots in New York, apartments in London, and vacations in Milan. Now if you wanna go back to the University of Bum-Fuck-Who-Gives-A-Shit and spend your time getting the shocker from some poli-sci professor, you go right ahead. But I suggest you stay here, where you can put that ass and those tits to better use than target practice for some fraternity basement gangbang.
Cameron: (stammers) Well, after some thought, I think that I will stay. Um, but I will have you know, that I actually enjoy the shocker.
Jeannie: Nobody enjoys the shocker.
Cameron: ...No. (sighs) No they don't.
Jeannie: Everyone, get some rest tonight, tomorrow, I'm gonna teach you how to model your asses off.

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