This is a transcribed copy of Episode 75. Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Brittnay: Jeannie, I don't get it. We're already hot. What other training do we need?
Jeannie: You goddamn. Ignorant. Bitch.
Mackenzie: OH... MY... GOD. I just came.
Than: Ah, me too... oh hey, look at all these clothes.
Mackenzie: And while you're at it, get a new fucking face you Rottweiler! (starts barking like a dog in Shay's face)
Shay: (sighs) Goddamit. The last thing I want to do is eat cheese with either of you.
Rachel: I get farty.
Shay: I know!

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