This is a transcribed copy of Episode 77. Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Mackenzie: (enters) Alright you guys, who’s ready to--oh my god!
(Everyone is moaning and groaning)
Brittnay: Can you guys stop fucking yelling?
Matthew: You're the one who's fucking yelling!
Brittnay: This is how I talk!
Than: She's right, that--that is her inside voice.
Deandra: I got mud butt real bad!
Trisha 2: (throwing up into a toilet) Thanks for holding my hair!
Trisha: No problem. (throws up in the same toilet) Thanks for holding my hair. You're a really good friend.
Trisha 2: Thanks, so are you! (beat, then they throw up simultaneously)
Jeannie: Alright, that's it. (dials on her phone) Marissa, I need a Xanax, or a gun.
Jeannie: Oh God, now I'm gonna throw up. (runs to the Ladies' room)
Trisha: (still on the toilet) Uh.. occupado!
Mackenzie: YOU! Justin! You left your fucking hat on!
Justin: Yeah! That's my thing now!
Mackenzie: You hat just got you disqualified! Not to mention it’s the fucking stupidest, most disgusting, idiotic piece of shit thing that I’ve ever seen! Just like you, because you’re a stupid, idiotic worthless piece of shit and I fucking hate you Justin! (rips off his hat and stomps on it)
Justin: You know Mackenzie, that would’ve really hurt my feelings. But lucky for you, (pulls out another hat, accompanied by a "ding" sound) I carry around a spare hat! Ha!
Mackenzie: Alright, that’s it! All of you, get the fuck up. I’m going to show you all something. I think you all need to understand exactly what we’re fighting against here!