The Truth is the ninth episode of season 5. Episode 79 aired on August 8th, 2017.




  • Than voices over this episode's "Previously on The Most Popular Girls In School...".
  • Saison's nationality is finally revealed--she is Canadian. However, she is not Quebecois despite many people thinking she was.
  • When this episode was livestreamed on the MPGIS app on August 7th 2017, Android users had severe issues; freezing and no sound made the video unwatchable on those platforms.
  • Scores:
    1. Team USA: TBA
    2. Team France: TBA
    3. Team Brazil: TBA
    4. Team UK: TBA
    5. Team Australia: TBA
    6. Team Columbia: TBA
    7. Team South Africa: TBA
    8. Team Japan: TBA
    9. Team Portugal: TBA
    10. Team New Zeland: TBA