Hansel & Gretel is the tenth episode of season 5. Episode 80 aired on August 15th, 2017.




  • When this episode was livestreamed on the MPGIS app on August 14th 2017, Android users had severe issues; freezing and no sound made the video unwatchable on those platforms.
  • Scores:
    1. Team France: 845
    2. Team Brazil: 765
    3. Team USA: 515
    4. Team UK: 505
    5. Team South Africa: 505
    6. Team Portugal: 495
    7. Team Columbia: 475
    8. Team Australia: 475
    9. Team Japan: 465
    10. Team New Zeland: 465


  • Deandra claims that "she did not look to her left" to notice the missing models, when in fact that she actually needed to look to her right side.

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