A MPGIS App-exclusive blog post by Jayna Van Buren.

Receipt TranscriptEdit

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Just imagine that there are huge spaces between the items and their prices)

DATE: 06/13/2017
10:14 a.m.

PATRON NAME: Jayna Van Buren

CASHIER: Blake Jensen


Wine cooler 4-pack 19.00
2 bottle zinfandel 34.00
Crazy straws pack 7.00
1 bottle fireball 22.00

1 Playboy magazine 7.75
1 Playgirl magazine 7.75
1 bottle Jameson 26.00
2 Playtex variety pack 31.00
Chair massage (x6) 45.00
Toblerone bar (family size) 18.00


4 shots Rum Chatta (x2) 7.00
1 8oz Fillet Mignon 59.00

  Well done
1 Chicken Parm 27.00
  Medium rare
1 Mini Hot Dogs 14.00
   *chopped* *3.50
1 Orange Juice 5.00
   add Belvedere *9.00
1 Choco Lava Cake 14.00
1 Coffee 4.00
   add Kahlua 8.00

subtotal 598.00
taxes and gratuity 119.60

TOTAL: 717.60

Blake's note: It's been a while, Jayna! Nice to see you again. Have fun in Paris. Tell Cameron I say hey and that I'm still single. (smiley face)

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