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Jenna and I have been talking, and well, we just feel like this isn't really for me anymore. It just doesn't fit for the lifestyle that we're pursuing for myself.

–Justin Michealson

Justin Michaelson

Voiced by

Brian Konowal






May 16, 1996


Former player of the Overland Park Football Team

Sexual Orientation

Possibly Bi-Sexual


In a Relationship with Jenna Darabond

First Appearance

Episode 4

Latest Appearance

Episode 54

Justin Michaelson is a student at Overland Park High School, and was a member of the Overland Park Football Team. He quit the team to spend more time with Jenna Darabond and the Overland Park High School Student Collective.


It is implied that Justin is uninterested in long-term relationships and may have commitment issues. This is shown when Brittany Matthews approaches him during prom and openly makes out with him in front of his girlfriend Ashley Katchadourian. Despite his relationship with her, he does not pull away and shows no shame in kissing Brittany back. It is also revealed that he had a previous romance with Mackenzie Zales as Jenna Darabond tells how she saw them making out whilst still with Ashley spawning her hatred of Mackenzie. Due to Justin's conversion to Hipsterism and Hipster ideals, he may have chosen to be bi-sexual similar to what Jenna DapananianJenna Darabond and Johnathan Getslinhaumer did.


Ashley Katchadourian was his girlfriend, but their relationship was not good because he was making out with a distressed Brittany Matthews during prom. It is also hinted by Mackenzie's reaction to Brittany kissing him that he and Mackenzie were romantically involved at some point in the past. 

Justin resents his father as revealed in Episode 16 for moving to Pittsburgh on his 4th birthday to live with his receptionist, which is a very emotional subject for Justin. His father currently sends him a card and renews his Game Fly membership whenever it's Justin's birthday.

In the Season Two Finale, Episode 30, Justin is seen kissing Jenna Darabond in her first appearance in the show. It was finally confirmed that Justin is actually in a relationship with Jenna.

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