An MPGIS App-exclusive blog post, a letter from Mackenzie Zales to Jeannie Halverstad.


Dear Ms. Jeannie Halverstad,

To who it may concern,

My name is Mackenzie Zales and I'm a student at Overland Park High School.

My time at school has included many many [sic] great things like Prom Queen, prom committee, head cheerleader, and candy cane princess (which was a huge deal).

I'm a part time model but a full-time babe and I'm looking to give you the opportunity to hire me for your modeling agency.

You'd be doing me a huuuge [sic] favor because I can't stand school anymore, but I'd also be really fucking good at modeling because I have a TON [sic] of hot poses and my face is really nice to look at. I also have social media accounts and am one of the most followed people at Overland Park.

Anyway, my headshots will speak for themselves so how about you call me next Wednesday at 11:45am and I can pull thru [sic] and show thme [sic] to you? I'd love to get out of third period, so yeah that'd be good for me.

Chat soon!

Sincereley [sic], with all my love,