Season 5 of The Most Popular Girls in School  premiered June 13, 2017 with the episode Summer Abroad. It centers around the cast going to France in order to compete in a modeling competition. The season ended with The Final Walk on August 29th, 2017.


The season begins with Mackenzie Zales, Brittnay Matthews, and Trisha Cappelletti lounging around the pool of Brittany's house and discussing how boring their summer has been so far. Mackenzie then gets a phone call from Jeannie Halverstad, stating that she needs models to represent Team USA at L'Oreal's International Junior Modelling Tournament in Paris, France, since the former Team USA members have all mysteriously gone missing. Jeannie asks Mackenzie to be in Paris within 48 hours and to bring her most attractive friends. The winning team will receive a 5-year modelling contract from L'Oreal.

The three friends along with Trisha 2 all board a flight to France only to discover that the Van Burens, Deandra, Judith Dinsmore, Rachel Tice, Saison Margeurite, Lunch Lady Belinda, Jonathan Getslinhaumer, and the whole football team are also going to Paris, while Ashley Katchadorian is interning as a flight attendant on the same flight. Brittnay vows to expose Saison for not actually being French.

After getting to Paris, the 4 girls meet up with Jeanie who is making calls to find more models to join Team USA. While Jeanie goes to register the girls, they run into the models representing Team France. The team's leader Juliette Bonnet begins a verbal confrontation with the girls making fun of Americans and American fashion, challenging the cheerleaders and beginning this season's rivalry. After Team France leaves, Jeanie returns and says that unless they can come up with a full team of attractive teenage Americans who are already in Paris, they must forfeit.

The girls recruit Deandra, the football team, and Cameron (and make it extremely clear that Shay can't model because she's apparently hideous) and are able to compete. Although they suffer in the scores early on, they gain momentum and end up securing a place in the finals. This angers the French team, and they decide to kidnap Brittnay and Deandra. They're taken to a basement where the original American team are being held and are force fed as a form of torture in order to get fat and unable to compete. After Saison alerts Mackenzie of their whereabouts, they are saved after a big fight between the girls and the French team that results in the French team being shot to death (resulting in their disqualification) by a character parodying Liam Neeson's character in the 2008 film Taken.

Not all is well, however, as during the fight Brittnay has her leg broken, causing her to be unable to compete in the final round. They ask Shay to help them out but she refuses on account of how horribly they've treated her for the whole trip, so they try giving a makeover to Rachel, but she bombs in her performance. As they're about to walk out in defeat, they discover that they win anyway because the model for Brazil's team ends up defecating on the runway, which disqualifies her. It's revealed Shay put ex-lax in her drink, and also did the same thing to the whole American team as a form of revenge.

Out of everyone, only Mackenzie, Cameron, and Trisha 2 decide to stay in France. Everyone else leaves for America because they either never wanted to be models in the first place or just want to go back and finish school now that they're seniors. At the last second, after realizing she'd be with Cameron and Trisha 2, Mackenzie goes back home with everyone else and chooses to miss out on her dream of being a model, saying that she'd rather pursue the career after graduating with her friends.

Subplot Edit

During a few episodes, there is a reoccurring subplot between Tanner and Than. When they discover that they can legally drink and party in France, Tanner gets wasted and ends up waking up in Than's bed with his pants off. Believing that he has just cheated on Tristan, he confesses his infidelity and they break up, much to Tanner's sorrow and regret. During their time apart, Tanner spends more time with Than, which prompts Than to express his feelings for Tanner, although Tanner was already aware of the attraction. While at a nude beach, Than asks Tanner out on a date, to which Tanner agrees, saying that it wouldn't be a big deal because they've already had sex. This confuses Than, and then leads to him confessing that they never had sex; the night Tanner got drunk, he had locked himself out of his room, urinated himself, and ended up staying with Than. Tanner ends up back together with Tristan and Than still tags along in the hopes that he eventually screws up.



Name Length Upload Date
"Summer Abroad" 10:54 June 13th, 2017
"Bonjour" 10:01 June 20th, 2017
"Nude Beach" 10:35 June 27th, 2017
"The New Team USA" 10:51 July 4th, 2017
"Glow Up" 11:51 July 11th, 2017
"Hand Modeling" 12:53 July 18th, 2017
"The Morning After" 9:23 July 25th, 2017
"Cake Eaters" 10:22 August 1st, 2017
"The Truth" 11:51 August 8th, 2017
"Hansel & Gretel" 10:38 August 15th, 2017
"Taken" 15:07 August 22nd, 2017
"The Final Walk" 14:25 August 29th, 2017