Than Calls Shaw is a MPGIS App-exclusive video.



(Time Card: 1:30 PM; Riverside, California)
Shaw: (picks up buzzing phone) Yo what up, go for Shaw?
Than: Ahh, there he is!
Shaw: Aw, shit, damn, where you at dog?
Than: Dude, I'm in fucking France right now!
Shaw: Whaa--shut the fuck up! Yo, you crushing any butt over there?!
Than: Uhh... y'know, some. Some... some butt. Y'know, we're not gonna go a whole 12 episodes and not have Than fuck something, amirte? So, what the fuck's going on with you in Riverside?
Shaw: Aw you know, not too much, had to beat the shit outta a motherfucker last night for saying that "gender is fucking limited to a number of binaries instead of existing on a spectrum"!
Than: Aw man, who would believe what's going on here, so much to talk about!
Shaw: Like, I know. What group you with this season?
Than: Uh, y'know, it's kinda up in the air right now, uh I've been mostly hanging with the guys, but I'm pretty sure we're all just gonna get absorbed by the Cheer Squad on some sort of wacky French adventure.
Shaw: Doooope. Yo man, what about the antagonist this season? I bet she's mad fucking hateable.
Than: Most of the comments say that she's got a good point.
Shaw: Dooope. Hey, tell my cousin that I said "what up".
Than: Yeah, you know, actually, he's not here.
Shaw: What? He's not part of this adventure?
Than: Not as of yet, but, y'know, something tells me that he's probably gonna pop up later; I think he's doing more of a cameo thing this summer.
Shaw: French girl?
Than: Oh yeah, she's fucking here. Big player this season. Really proud of her, really coming up on her own! Lot of people have been asking about you, bro! Everyone's been wanting to know where you at!
Shaw: I'm in fucking Riverside, homie guy, represent that side pride, you know?
Than: Oh yeah yeah, we're telling everybody.
Shaw: Oh, is that what we're doing right now?
Than: That's exactly what we're doing right now.
Shaw: We're fucking Incepting the fuck outta each other?
Than: That's exactly right. We're just doing everything short of looking at the camera.
Shaw: Oh cool cool, you wanna look in the camera right now?
Than: Let's do it. (they both look into the camera)

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