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This wiki concerns the famous Youtube series The Most Popular Girls in School created by Mark Cope, Carlo Moss and Lily Vonnegut. The series follows the lives of the cheer squad at Overland Park High School and the many people they have encountered in their time there. The most recognizable of those in Season 1 being Deandra "The New Girl"Mackenzie, BrittnayShay, Cameron and Mikayla Van Buren and their feud between each other. In Season 2, those most re-occuring characters are The Overland Park Cheer Squad, and The Atchison High Cheer Squad and their fued as well. As Season 3 starts, Jenna Darabond forms a group called the Hipsters. but in the end Mackenzie Zales wins her popularity back. The series currently has uploaded 13 Episodes in Season 1 and the 17 Episodes of Season 2 and 27 Episodes in Season 3. There are also "Extra Credit" features, Behind the Scenes footage, The Making of's,  Q&As with some of the characters on the Youtube channel: The Most Popular Girls in School , MPGiS Cast Quizes and Holiday Specials such as the Halloween Party hosted by Amberlynn. The first Episode of Season 1 debuted May 1, 2012, Season 2 on March 5, 2013 with Episode 14 and Season 3 on November 5, 2013 with Episode 31. Season 4 debuted Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 with Episode 59.

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