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The Trisha Show is a talk show/mini-series starring Trisha Cappelletti and co-hosted by Trisha 2. The show debuted on August 22, 2013.

About the showEdit

The show is filmed "live" in the Overland Park High School AV room. The show has a somewhat Conan O'Brien feel to it; both shows have a regular host asking questions and the co-host sits on the couch with the guest.

Guests in order of appearanceEdit

  • Deandra appeared in the show's premiere, where she discussed life with a robot arm and also showed a clip of her performance in the school's play production of "Glengarry Glen Ross".
  • Reby Sky came on as the doll version of herself, and discussed her new upcoming show on the Playboy channel, and then wrestled with Trisha 2.
  • Lindsay Seim talked about Insidious Chapter 2, as well as things that scare her.
  • Brittnay Matthews came on the show and was asked questions people submitted on her Facebook, which the Trisha's received by hacking her account.
  • YouTube stars "The Kloons" appeared and promoted their comedy channel.
  • The Wing Girls appeared and promoted their Youtube channel.
  • Mike Castoro appeared and talked about his music and promoted his Youtube channel.

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