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The Trisha Show is a talk show/mini-series starring Trisha Cappelletti and co-hosted by Trisha 2. The show debuted on August 22, 2013 and concluded on April 3, 2014.

About the showEdit

The show is filmed "live" in the Overland Park High School AV room. The show has a somewhat Conan O'Brien feel to it; both shows have a regular host asking questions and the co-host sits on the couch with the guest.

Guests in order of appearanceEdit

  • Deandra appeared in the show's premiere, where she discussed life with a robot arm and also showed a clip of her performance in the school's play production of "Glengarry Glen Ross".
  • Reby Sky came on as the doll version of herself, and discussed her new upcoming show on the Playboy channel, and then wrestled with Trisha 2.
  • Lindsay Seim talked about Insidious Chapter 2, as well as things that scare her.
  • Brittnay Matthews came on the show and was asked questions people submitted on her Facebook, which the Trisha's received by hacking her account.
  • YouTube stars "The Kloons" appeared and promoted their comedy channel.
  • The Wing Girls appeared and promoted their Youtube channel.
  • Mike Castoro appeared and talked about his music and promoted his Youtube channel.