The Trisha Show w/ Deandra the New Girl is the first episode of The Trisha Show. The Trisha Show w/ Deandra the New Girl first aired on August 22, 2013.


In the premiere episode of The Trisha Show, Trisha Cappelletti and Trisha 2 welcome guest, Deandra. They ask Deandra various questions about her robot arm, including "Do you use WD-40?", "Do you feel like Drax, from Mortal Combat?", and "Are you getting in a lot more fights now?" After asking questions, they move onto the Trisha Lightning Round and would give her two different things for her to choose between. After the lightning round they return to asking her questions. Trisha brings up chicken fried peas and Trisha 2 exclaims that her mom makes fantastic chicken fried peas. They also talk about Deandra's performance in the school play, Glenngary Glen Ross. They show a short clip of it and we see Deandra dressed in a suit and one of her props is a bag of the knives Judith Dinsmore and Rachel Tice attempted to sell in Episode 26. The episode then concludes and they leave to go to Trisha 2's house to eat chicken fried peas.



  • Deandra reveals she practices Buddhism in this episode.

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