The Trisha Show w/ Lindsay Seim is the third episode of The Trisha Show. The Trisha Show w/ Lindsay Seim first aired on September 12, 2013.


In the second episode of The Trisha Show, Trisha Cappelletti and Trisha 2 welcome guest, Lindsay Seim. They ask her many questions mostly about horror films. They then do a Trisha Lightning round, similar to the [The Trisha Show w/ Deandra the New Girl|first episode]] of the Trisha Show. This time they have Lindsay Seim tell the Trisha's, which of two things are scarier. Trisha 2 then proceeds to scare Seim, and Seim is not scared at all, but Trisha Cappelletti is terrified. They continue talking about Insidious 2, Lindsay Seim's upcoming movie and lastly, Trisha 2 thanks Lindsay and signs off.



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