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  • JanzPotter

    Hiiiiiiii!! So early this morning I got 3 emails all telling me the same thing: I got approved for adoption of the wiki and am now your new admin and bureaucrat!! I am very excited! You may see me playing around with all the new functions and tools I have to make our community a better place. You may see me changing a lot of things, too, but it will al be for the better of the wiki. 

    Now, I am going to be editing the page about admins here, but I recommend you check it out soon because I will be looking for a new admin. Being an admin all by myself will be a real challenge, but I am looking for another qualified user who may want to go into this with me. There are so many terrific things you can do and I hope you give it a look. 

    I just remo…

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  • JanzPotter

    Ok we seem to be having a debate over Than's sexual orientation. To avoid having an edit war we should take a vote over his sexual orientation and settle it once and for all. 

    I think Than is gay. To me there is no doubt that Than is a struggling homosexual. There are many reasons why he clearly is not straight- He offered to suck the football team's dicks in Episode 4, he gave Bert Hickey and blowjob through a glory hole, and most recently, he slept with Tanner in Episode 76. He clearly is not straight, so the question- Is Than gay or bisexual?

    So we need to look at the proof into whether or not Jonathan likes girls. I think it is evident he does not. He is repulsed by there genitals, made clear when Brittnay lifts her skirt in front of him…

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  • JanzPotter

    Request for Adoption

    July 13, 2017 by JanzPotter

    Hello MPGiS Community!! I have recently been doing a lot of work on the Wiki and decided I would submit a request for adoption. I hope my fellow contributors will be supportive of this. After I (hopefully) secure admin and bureaucrat rights, if any other fellow editors wish to be admins, I will certainly be considering you, as I need as much help as possible. If anybody has any questions about this don't hesitate to ask. I will make another post once I've actually adopted the wiki, as this is only currently a request to Fandom Staff. Thanks!

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  • JanzPotter

    Hey Everybody!

    I recently gave the homepage i little bit of a remodel and update. I added character images for the 20 characters with the most appearances (they are shown in order of most appearances on the show to least). The pictures are now all the same size so everything is much more clean cut then before and i tried to get all the pictures to be ones where the character is facing the camera. I also edited the slideshow feature at the top to make it more up to date with the current happenings on the show. The new featured articles are Summer Abroad, Season 5 and Jeannie Halverstad. I also added a poll to the homepage where you can vote for your favorite season! 

    The next task I will be working on is updating infoboxes. I will update phot…

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